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New Year New Start

Okay i’ve been very very lazy in recent months keeping this blog up to date but i am going to do my best to rid my self of my procrastinating ways and keep you informed of my writing woes.

Recently my good friend Gabi published ‘Deadly Obsession’ on kindle and has done wonders promoting and marketing her book that its put me quite to shame. Don’t get me wrong i am pretty good at promotion, just as long as it isn’t me!!!

I guess i have read so  many great unpublished novels from excellent word workers that i really can’t compare my own work to theirs on an equal level.

I am just about to start another story which i will try and put up regular excerpts from in hope that you will give me constructive and honest critique along the way.

Since I will be opening my new restaurant soon time will be a tiny bit stretched but then they say when you want something done give it to a busy person, which i’m definitely going to be.



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