4..Fantality- Ya Novel


This is my ABNA entry and has just made it through to the next round, I cannot believe how excited I am by that.

Annie Townsend prefers to kick ass rather than kiss it, so the world of glitz and glamour had better get used to her. Unfortunately for Annie, Hollywood doesn’t bend for anyone. 

Agreeing to do a romance, against her better judgement was enough. Finding out that her best friend is in love with her and  possibly stalking her is just too much. Throw in a mob of  obsessive fans and the latest Hollywood hottie for a boyfriend, all before she’s even made her first blockbuster, and you have danger.

 But Seventeen year old Annie is tough. Right up to the point the bottle smashes into her face; literally.

Falling in love with Sean Scott and having the media tear apart her private life, and never give her a moments peace is something Annie is going to have to get used to. Wanting the roles that will give her that superstar status can come at a price. Her life!

What starts out as a simple tale of love and jealousy, soon takes on a sinister twist with fatal consequences, that leave physical as well as mental scars. Can Annie merge the worlds of fantasy and reality to create her very own ‘Fantality’?


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