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Authonomy Workshop

Okay so i wasn’t too sure about going and part of me wishes i hadn’t.  The actual day and the people hosting it did a great job and were extremely honest with their advice. I met some great like minded people, which i intend to stay in touch with. My main problem, is did i learn anything i didn’t really already know. You see to me the whole busines of publishing, or getting published, has a hint of X-factor about it. I can now imagine many an agent sitting behind a huge desk declaring that the manuscript in hand has about as much chance of getting in to a book store near you as Jordan does of joining a nunnery. It is apparent that no one really knows what the next big thing will be and no one, including the highly intuitive members of the Harper Collins team, knows what they want. It’s a kind of, We’ll know it when we see it -or read it, response to the more than once asked question.

I have often thought that luck plays a much bigger role than talent, and not considering myself to be an overtly lucky person, i am slowly accepting the fact that i may never make it. I long for the day my MS lands on the desk of the right person on a particularly right day and is right up their street.

I am on my last round of re-writes for Indiscretion and on my third lot for High Heels & Alphas, and driving everyone insane, but i shall carry on for now.



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