York Festival of Writing April 2010

I have just got back from a four day trip to York. I stayed on site at the university and had a glimpse at what life would be like as  a student closing in on forty. Oh My God, i could never go back. lol x x x

The campus at York is absolutely gorgeous, with a huge lake and extensive grounds but the confinements of a small room with paper thin walls would drive me insane for any real length of time.

The festival itself was amazing. There were book agents, publishers and authors from all genres and the workshops really opened my eyes. although my main gripe was that there seemed to be alot of contradiction. ‘ Great voice is needed more than perfect writing and grammar,’ but then you had, ‘If the writing isn’t up to scratch it won’t make it passed the first thirty seconds of reading’. It’s hard to know which to believe. Surely if a story has an amazing main character and you are totally absorbed then a good editor will sort out the mistakes. But then what if the mistakes mean the reader doesn’t read passed the first five lines?????????

I am probably more confused than ever but have made some great contacts and fabulous new friends. Had a long chat to Miranda Dickinson, debut author of Fairytale of New York. She was found by a Harper Collins publisher on a writing site called Authonomy. She is so down to earth and approachable that i felt like i’d known her forever. the book is awesome and deserves it’s place on the Times top ten bestseller list.

Janet Foxley, who has just one the Chicken House children’s novel award, was there along with the owner of Chicken house publishing, Barry Cunningham. All in all there were so many talented people giving talks and advice. Katie Fforde is now one of my heroines. Despite being an award winning author of Romantic fiction she happens to be one of the smartest and quick witted women i have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

i am hoping that some of the contacts that i made will come to fruition, if not i am sure that some of my class mates will be on the best seller lists someday.



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2 responses to “York Festival of Writing April 2010

  1. I think it’s so awesome you got to go to a conference, and I’m glad you had such a good time. Now go and query all those agents you met!

  2. What an amazing opportunity! I’ve always wondered if writer’s conferences are really worth the cost. There’s one here in the Springs but not sure if I’ll go this year. Take Rach’s advice – get to sending those queries!

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