Queries and Patience

I hate writing queries and I hate sending them out even more. I am toying with the idea of Self Publishing, not for reasons of vanity, but because it’s always had a bad press but now there seems to be real mark up of people singing it’s praises. I will look into it and let you know if it is for me.

Having great people on TNBW to honestly advise you on how to best describe your masterpiece, as to you it definitely is, is invaluable. Now when I read back some of the first drafts of my queries I cringe with embarassment and feel the need to send personal apologies to any agents that had the misfortune to read them. But then again it probably gave them something to laugh about over a long expensive lunch. Actually lunch is probably a pack of pre made sarnies under a tottering pile of manuscripts. lol

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6 responses to “Queries and Patience

  1. Yes – and when you get your agent – never forget who’s paying for the long expensive lunch. You are. (Or your fellow-writers are, anyway.) So don’t cringe at anything. Hold you head high and remind yourself that if people like you didn’t exist, they’d be out of a job.

  2. Hey Verity! I totally hate queries too! I haven’t had any luck with my current one for Songbird and want to rework it before I try again! Good Luck! 🙂 Ang

  3. i have no patience for writing queries. every time I get a version I like, I’m told how much it sucks. I don’t mind waiting for rejections from agents, but I can’t even work up the courage to send my crappy query!

    • It amazes me how someone so eloquent as you could struggle with a query. I’ve read everything you’ve written and put up on the site and on your blog and i would have thought a query would come easy for you. perhaps you should ask each of the people in our little forum group what drew them into the story. You see for me it was the a story of a girl who was still a virgin at twenty five and had no idea who she was and made lists of the things she wanted to do instead of doing them. This screams Austen and you just have to find away to connect the two. Give it a modern day Austen feel and write your query to hilight that.

      i have every faith in you.

  4. That is very sweet V. I think you’re my biggest fan! But really, I’m pure crap most of the time. My problem with queries is that my plot sounds SO GENERIC when condensed into 250 words. Everything in it has been done a million times. Which is my own damn fault for writing something with a plot that has been done a million times!

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