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Queries and Patience

I hate writing queries and I hate sending them out even more. I am toying with the idea of Self Publishing, not for reasons of vanity, but because it’s always had a bad press but now there seems to be real mark up of people singing it’s praises. I will look into it and let you know if it is for me.

Having great people on TNBW to honestly advise you on how to best describe your masterpiece, as to you it definitely is, is invaluable. Now when I read back some of the first drafts of my queries I cringe with embarassment and feel the need to send personal apologies to any agents that had the misfortune to read them. But then again it probably gave them something to laugh about over a long expensive lunch. Actually lunch is probably a pack of pre made sarnies under a tottering pile of manuscripts. lol

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Will I ever be a writer?

I’ve learnt more about myself in the passed year than at any other time of my life. I know I have the discipline to write but do I have the talent?You see I always thought that talent was the key, until I met some amazingly talented people who are having trouble getting passed the agents guard dogs and then read some rather uninspiring books by people who should have been eaten alive by said dogs. You see it seems to me that luck plays a tremendous part on the road to authorville and i’m not sure how blessed I am with that yet.

Last year one of my best friends told me that I was all talk and no action and that I’d never managed to keep a single one of my news year’s resolutions in the whole time he’d known me. I was annoyed because I knew he was right, so this is me taking some action and throwing caution to the wind. I didn’t bother making any resolutions this year, I just decided it was time to get selfish and do something I truly loved doing.

I guess I live in hope that my hard work and determination will pay off, or else I’m never going to silence the voices in my head that are begging me to tell their stories. You see I write because it’s the only way to make room in my brain for everything else I have to remember. Somedays the stories of the characters that become dear to me come thick and fast, other days they doze lazily waiting for me to shake them back to life. Sometimes I think they get so fed up with me changing my mind about their direction that they just plain ignore me, I can understand that.

Each character I create becomes part of my life and although it’s been a long time since either of my teenage children woke me up in the middle of the night, my new MC might. I have lost count of how many late night scribbles on the backs of scrap pieces of paper found in the bedside cabinet have turned into great chapters, well great to me.


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